Kacey Musgraves Is Country’s Smartest, Most Down-To-Earth Songwriter

From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, music has been on a spree statement, but Musgraves’ genius composition lies in its refusal to inflate egos of their audience

kacey musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’. We all have dirty clothes hanging on the line ‘

Kacey Musgraves may have a reputation for being the creator of sassiest successes in Nashville, but she is much more than an ironic provocative, and his latest single shows that, once again. Musgraves announced last week that his new single would Biscuits, a little joyful song about ignoring nosy neighbors who has been playing live for about a year. It is played with all his strength to write songs, and format country has every reason to be excited about your arrival.

Cookies maintains a view that Musgraves has quickly established himself as his own lyric: be yourself and do what you want. “The smoke of their own smoke, and grow their own margaritas” which instructs the choir. “Mind your own cookies, and life will be gravy.” It is a very cheeky line in a singalong chorus that is as rich and enjoyable as the staple breakfast butter for appointing.

Musgraves has never been a powerhouse radio – it makes even more impressive certified gold debut, Same Trailer Different Park. But if cookies are not connected to country radio, then a women’s issue of gender can be irreparable.

The bouncy song encapsulates the writing style Musgraves, along with his friends and fellow writers Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally has improved so expertly. Musgraves uses simple language, tactile images and a generous dose of humor to paint portraits nuanced about what it really means to blaze their own path despite the judgment of others. In Follow Your Arrow told listeners to On the Song Trailer, sang “Make a lot of noise / Kiss lot of guys / or kiss a lot of girls if that’s something you’re into.” “Keep your two cents in his side of the fence / girl, not friends, we’re just neighbors / nothing to see here / back to his trailer.”

The idea that there is “nothing to see here” runs through much of the Musgraves music ‘, and in a generation obsessed enough with himself to make culturally acceptable post Self-timer, which seems quite revolutionary. Pop music has been on a spree statement during the last decade. “You are beautiful in every way,” said Christina Aguilera. “Baby, you’re a firework,” said Katy Perry. “Just love yourself and you’re done,” said Lady Gaga. But Musgraves has a way of making people feel special not saying that they are special, but reminding them that no one really is.

The opening line of the track yet unpublished Cup Musgraves’ Tea says, “Maybe your jacket is a hand-me-down.” For a minor composer, that line would be followed by something like “But I know I have to mink one day.” By Musgraves, however, the hand-me-down works well. After all – “You cannot be everyone’s cup of tea.”

The magic of writing songs Musgraves’ is that it is sold escapism. As she says in Biscuits: Lyrics cynical as it may seem at first glance, but as the grounded words compassion too, is not “all have dirty clothes hanging on the line.”? Common failure point in humanity, and in doing so emphasize the freedom that comes from realizing that no one to live a perfect life. For every anxious soul which is a liberating message, and makes Musgraves something of a guess for the digital age. In many of his songs she heralds just do what you want, nothing more and nothing less. And she is taking deliberate steps to make the message a real issue in their writing.

When people write about Musgraves, tend to say that it is a country artist gays or marijuana smokers or liberal might actually, but that line of thinking limits the scope of its appeal. (Not to mention the scope of the interests of those people.) In truth, the message Musgraves’ follow your arrow is applicable to a much wider swath of the world, including anyone who disagrees with it. That after his arrow, too.

Feel free to love cookies or feel free to hate – but do not go telling friends they have to feel the same way.

Kacey Musgraves Kisses Bucket List Goodbye

CMA Performance with Loretta Lynn, Song of the Year Win glorious moments

Bucket List is gone! Grammy and CMA-winning Kacey Musgraves is just “along for the ride,” all of you. And even when the going gets a little rocky, it is still a heck of ride and reward for the singer-songwriter acclaimed by critics.
kacey musgraves

He spent much of 2014 defying the odds of country music with their sound and message, and something tells me that just started.

In a recent chat with Billboard, Musgraves reflected in its great year and “Follow Your Arrow,” the great song that changed her career for her. A favorite among fans, but the country radio, well, that was a bit of a different story.

But you cannot keep a good girl down, and you cannot keep a good song with a good message any more.

“It stalled at number 43 on the chart,” Musgraves said. “But people related to him by the message, which is the true measure of a great song.”

This was a song that does not beat around the proverbial branches with your message. Musgraves wanted (and still want) so you know it’s okay to be just who the hell you are. It is there, in uplifting and inspiring lines like “Make a lot of noise, a lot of guys kissing / O kiss a lot of girls if that is something that is”.

It’s that kind of candor and honesty that consolidates its position as a true poet, a genuine voice. These are not just letters. Are your feelings. They are the essence of what it is, not only as an artist but as a human being, too. She really believes it.

And even though the radio may not have felt the same for any reason, there were a lot of people who believed in Musgraves and message. “Follow Your Arrow” took home the song of the year honors in recent CMA Awards. According to Billboard, is the lowest unique diagrams to win that title?

Loretta Lynn believes absolutely in Musgraves, and she is not afraid to shout from the rafters. The two performed Lynn “you look in the Country” on the show, and Musgraves admitted it was a time once in life.

“Getting to sing with (Lynn) at the CMA Awards on the same night” Follow Your Arrow ‘, which literally told me that my face would never be one, is the song of the year was absolutely amazing, “he said.” In this Sorry, I no longer have a wish list. I’m on the trip. ”

And you’d better fasten your seatbelt, Kacey. If 2014 is any indication as to what is coming, the future will be fabulous.

Kacey Musgraves, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert Nominated For Pollstar Awards

Kacey Musgraves done in life is beautiful party on October 26, 2014.

The 26th Annual Pollstar – recognizing the best in the business of live concerts – will take over the former home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, on February 21, and it is appropriate that a handful of artists in the country are among the nominees in the series.

Kacey Musgraves live

The head is more hopeful Year Tour Jason Aldean, country star alone in a category dominated by pop heavyweights like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. Aldean spent last year in the studio and on the road, playing in every month.

After a concert on Tuesday in the hometown of Nashville Marathon Music Works, which will take a break until mid-February, when the Burn It Down tour begins in Greenville, South Carolina.

Brantley Gilbert Road Dogs Fellow and Kacey Musgraves are both named best new artist touring. The news comes on the final leg of Let It Ride Tour Gilbert, a hike of seven months ending December 13. Musgraves has been busy this year, too, touring the country with Katy Perry during the late summer and launching a headlining tour in September. She is no stranger to awards deliveries either. After starting 2014 to win a pair of Grammys, Musgraves happened to snag the ACM Award for Album of the Year for Same Trailer Different Park and CMA Song of the Year for “Follow Your Arrow”.

Since some trips are possible without bookers, venue owners and other staff behind the scenes, Pollstar Awards also honor those who do their best work offstage. That includes tour manager Keith Urban, Chuck Hull, which is for the road warrior of the Year Award, and the general manager of Ryman Auditorium, Sally Williams, nominated Executive Fund of the Year. Meanwhile, the category of Personal Manager is dominated by professionals in the country field, including Clarence Spalding (manager Jason Aldean and Rascal Flatts), Coran Capshaw (Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley), and John Peets (Eric Church).

All subscribers to the trade publication concert-biz are eligible to vote online until December 18.

Can Kacey Musgraves Become Country’s Katy Perry?

Kacey Musgraves is not yet a Cash King Country, but she could make the list a day if kept after his arrow – and its new model.

Going to the Grammys for the first time is a milestone for any artist, but few could have had a better debut on the biggest night of the music of Kacey Musgraves.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter was among the stars surprise 56th annual iteration of the ceremony, performing her hit “Follow Your Arrow” for a TV crowd of millions of people and took home two awards one for Best Country Song (“Merry Go ‘Round”) and another for Best Country album (Same Different Trailer Park).

“I cannot put into words how excited I am to represent the country music genre of music that I have come to do,” he told a group of journalists shortly after her Grammy wins. “I made an album that was inspired by the real life and everything that was happening to me at the time, but all the traditional elements of country music I’m in love.”

Musgraves has yet to land on the list of countries Forbes Cash Kings’. But to win the Grammy for Best Country Album, who led the efforts of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and Taylor Swift, four of the top earners of the genre. She will join their ranks if he can maintain his momentum, she would be doing to take after someone decidedly un-country: Katy Perry.

The latter is quite a role model, especially from a business perspective. His 2010 album Teenage Dream released five No. 1 (the only artist to achieve the feat is Michael Jackson). During the past four years, Perry has pulled in $ 168 million. For country radio, however, his is a kind of risky plan to follow. That has not stopped Musgraves.

You could say “Follow Your Arrow” which informs listeners to “make a lot of noise, kiss a lot of guys, or kiss a lot of girls, if that is something that is in the” is the descendant of Perry “I Kissed A Girl” albeit a rather more covered to a much more conservative audience appeal.

Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves Take America: Inside Their TV Special, Tour (Cover Story)

Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves photographed by Lauren Dukoff on April 17, 2014 Sony Pictures in Culver City.

Katy Perry is practically naked.
kacey copy

Rehearsal of “Crossroads”, on June 13 CMT special that pairs the pop star with country newcomer Kacey Musgraves is an hour away, but all I can think Perry is to undress. Recently arrived at his trailer in place in Culver City Sony lot, she slips out of her dress Jeremy Scott tube sock and a white bathrobe and slippers, clearly unconcerned about who might be watching.

“I’ve seen her naked,” says Perry, 29, pointing Musgraves.

“A couple of times,” Musgraves, 25, confirmed. “And not the last.”

Other occasions for indecent dressing will come in August when Musgraves joins Perry concert tour by 15 dates and most of the month. It’s an interesting move for both. Headliners often bestow their validation and the benefit of the exhibition, opening acts they admire.

“I always like to introduce good music to the people in the audience,” says Perry. But as Perry pop princesses do not usually pick newcomers countries. And while the other opening acts different legs of the tour Perry U.S. – Capital Cities and Tegan & Sara -. They eccentric pop music, both have had top 20 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Musgraves’ “Follow the Arrow” peaked at No. 60 on the Hot 100 and reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

The contrasts between the two are evident when you take the stage the next night, head (lime green shoulder-length choppy cut by Perry, Loretta Lynn complains much of Musgraves) to toe (Manolo Blahnik for Perry, Old Gringo boots as Musgraves). But so are the similarities. Both girls are Americans who get away with pushing the limits. Perry broke out in 2008 with “I Kissed a Girl”; Musgraves supported the same behavior in 2013 “Follow Your Arrow”, a song found on the bench “a little too straight.”

katy kacey copy

Certainly, in both cases, which represents a form of a combination of a conservative background with a moral concern and artistic sensibility? Perry is the son of evangelical pastors. As for Musgraves, “My parents are not crazy conservative,” she says. “They really are very open-minded. But my grandparents are, and where I am, eastern Texas, is the Bible belt.” So you can relate with Perry on that. “It gave us the perspective, because we both have that. Both left but those worlds.”

“We came out of those worlds, but we kept our compasses,” adds Perry. (“Awww,” Musgraves involved.) “I think [Kacey] straddles the line as if astride the line of appropriateness and still maintaining a healthy and exciting sex.’s not all about that. It’s about sending inspire and support posts and being a kind of woman-to-think yourself. “These two thinkers crossed when Musgraves released the first single “Same Different Trailer Park”, “Merry Go ‘Round”, in September 2012. Perry tweeted his love for her. “I understand that I have a lot of followers on Twitter, and tweet can go far,” she says.

kacey kacey copy

Musgraves felt the effects at a distance – that was crossing a street in Dublin when she glanced at her phone and saw his Twitter following spike. But Perry was not over yet. “The stalked on the Internet, as I do with everyone,” says Perry, who came to bring Musgraves to Los Angeles to work in the early writing sessions for “Prisma”. Although these songs did not record a partnership was born.

Musgraves – along with Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding and Tegan & Sara – was part of Perry can survive concert, a benefit for younger women with breast cancer, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in October 2013 and the two became in. another study session at the time. “A good song out of it,” he told Billboard in December Musgraves. “I love when the brain together with different colors and influences to throw into the mix. We are fans of each other, so it works.” The announcement of the recording “Crossroads” followed a few months later.

The stakes are high for Musgraves leverage its partnership with Perry opportunities crossing on the radio and touring alike. Although he has played a handful of dates as an opener Stadium Kenny Chesney and just finished a run of sand with Lady Antebellum, draw their own headlining tells a more interesting story. In his most recent club tour in late 2013, he played 800 – to places 1000 capacity and Detroit Saint Andrews Hall and Bowery Ballroom in New York –

Rooms more commonly associated with the latest fashion indie-rock a novice Nashville. Playing major crowds in the Midwest and Canada could provide exposure Musgraves have to go critical choice for Taylor Swift-like crossover. “It’s an amazing look pop, validation stamp in another world to Kacey Musgraves Queen, Katy,” said Mitch Rose, head of the music department in Los Angeles Creative Artists Agency (CAA), two artists who booked in the tour.

Kacey Musgraves Performs ‘Livin’ On Love’ Beautifully At CMT Awards

Kacey Musgraves rocked the stage at the Bridgestone Arena during the 2014 CMT Music Awards on June 4 with a truly beautiful performance of ‘ Livin ‘ On Love “with Lee Ann Womack – read on for all the details about his amazing performance!


Kacey Musgraves , 25, is taking the world by storm. Many call the next Taylor Swift, but these two lovely ladies are each in a separate class. In the CMT Country Music Awards on June 4, Kacey went on stage with Lee Ann Womack for Alan Jackson classic, “Livin ‘On Love”. Read on for the details of his fantastic performance!

‘CMT Music Awards Performance -‘ Kacey Musgraves Livin on Love ‘

Kristen Bell was not lying when he said he would do all the CMT Music Awards on women – and I love her for that! Kacey and Lee Ann looked amazing as they kept it simple on stage side by side, their acoustic guitars struming this classic Alan Jackson tune.


Kacey wearing a gorgeous leather mini with a lace edge; school, demure neckline room for lots of sparkle embroidery on the left, and it looked absolutely beautiful with her long hair loose over her shoulders and slightly teased at the crown.

Lee Ann country was complete with gold sequins dress cut just above the knee fully glittered under the lights of Bridgestone. Her blonde hair down like Kacey’s, looked super bright and loved her smoky eye.

Kacey Musgraves, Chris Young, Martina McBride Perform At Grammy Block Party

Music Nashville music Industry is Diverse Casual Event

A few hundred members of the Recording Academy and their guests filled Owen Bradley Park in Nashville soak in the entertainment and music from the annual festival of the Grammy city block .

Held on Tuesday night (May 13) in a leafy park adjacent to Music Row – the epicenter of the country music industry in Nashville – Kacey Musgraves, Martina McBride Chris Young and entertained the crowd as barbecue and drinks were total not far.

Stars of the hit ABC drama Nashville could be seen chatting in the audience, while a short performance inspired by the show became a highlight of the family event.

The celebration coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Nashville chapter of the founding of the Recording Academy.

With a tower crane hovering backstage illustrating the expanding significance of Music City, Musgraves cage – Current rattler emerging country drew the crowd in about two songs , hits only a set of ” Merry Go ‘ Round” and ” Follow your Arrow ” , complete with his band wore costumes electrified in January at the annual fair of 56th Grammy Awards .

Musgraves were two gramophone trophies of the night – the best country album by the same Different Trailer Park and best country song for “Merry Go ‘ Round”.

She and pop superstar Katy Perry will perform at the next installment of CMT Crossroads, scheduled for release on June 13 CMT at 10 pm ET.

On the left apparently cut short, Musgraves made time for his friend and frequent co -writer Brandy Clark could perform.

A community favorite songwriting as “Follow Your Arrow “, ” Broken Heart Mommy” Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry ” Better Dig Two” , Clark also sang two songs – “Stripes” and “Hold My Hand” – from his debut album 12 Stories. She sweetly thanked all attendees to help them achieve their musical dreams.

Young was happy to offer eight songs with his powerful baritone voice appeared to 11, while McBride followed a similar thought process, the burden of the stage with a 11 piece R & B band to perform songs from his latest album versions, eternal.

Each joined the multitude of low profile with favorites like McBride’s ” A Broken Wing” and clips of current radio, as young “Who I Am With You. ”

But the act that received the most attention at the moment was that the sisters sugar sweet Stella Lennon and Maisey playing Daphne and Maddie Conrad in Nashville on ABC. In the program, children who are gifted musically – Superstar Rayna James. In real life does not seem like a stretch at all.

Only performs a song, “A life is good”, from the series and had to deal with some technical difficulties at the start, but everything is handled with aplomb and got an honest answer from the audience. All we have welcomed some more songs, but only 10 and 14 years old, we will not push poor girls.

Besides holding the celebrations, two-time Grammy award winner Jim Lauderdale gave a couple of new songs from his upcoming album, I’m a song and threw in fan favorites as “The King of Broken Hearts” and “halfway.” Christian -rock duo of Australian origin for King & Country opened the event, while reverse quartet Vintage Trouble crowned night, declaring “the new protocol soul ” and provides ample evidence .