Kacey Musgraves Is Touched By Couples Who Followed Their Arrows To Marital Bliss At Grammys!

Apparently we were not the only facts watery eyes wonderful marriage ceremonies that took place at the Grammys on Sunday!

Kacey Musgraves songs

Winner Artist and Best Country Album Kacey Musgrave are also watched as Madonna and Queen Latifah officiated over the blessed union of 33 couples, and she was totally touched!

Well, not in the literal sense! That could be a lawsuit waiting to happen!

The fabulous actress Follow your Arrow was moved by the wonderful weddings witnessed, though!

She confessed:

“It was touching. I thought it was really great. ‘m All alike everyone loving everyone and I think there’s room for all kinds of classes, so it was really great. Loved Madonna in her western attire as well. ”

Awww! We are right there with ya, girl!

These weddings were one of the AH- Mazing things we’ve seen on television live from Janet Jackson showed his fun -bag in the Super Bowl!


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