Kacey Musgraves Gears Up For Key West Songwriters Festival

Technically, it may not be a holiday by Kacey Musgraves , but definitely worth a . However, the 19th annual Key West Songwriters Festival is a journey that few of us would reject. It is an opportunity to party, play and possibly writes another success with some of the best composers in the world.

Kacey Musgraves songs

Musgraves and Sara Evans are among the artists set to hit the sand and surf during the festival which takes place May 7-11 in Key West, Florida 2,013 Other artists include BMI Icon recipient Dean Dillon, American Idol runner- Kree Harrison, Robert Earl Keen, Rhett Akins, Sundy Best, Love and Theft, Matraca Berg, Jon Randall, Anders Osborne and the legendary, Tony Joe White, to name a few.

Some of the names from the long list may not be familiar to you – and that’s fine. I cannot help it, though. I’ve always been fascinated with composers. I just do not think enough love most in the world.

Each day , we headed on our radios, we pop a CD in our stereos or slap some vinyl on our revolving platforms and groove , mourn or sing our favorite songs. We are moved by the music and made happy, sad fact and make believe in their power. These songs take us places are purely magical.

But since we are in those magical places, how many of us stop and think, “Man, I wonder who wrote that song?”

Today, if you want to solve the mystery, it is best to dig into some notes. That, of course, requires an actual purchase album. And , let’s face it , many of us rely on digital downloads and streaming these days to enjoy our music, access to the finest details of a track from the album is harder than ever .

But Musgraves is one of many artists who are helping to turn everything around. While the chart – topping, Grammy and CMA- winning beauty is a great singer and a breath of fresh air for country music , it is primarily a composer. She speaks openly about his passion for the poetry of it all. She gushes about his fellow co – writers, giving them their share of the credit for his success.

Musgraves know what it feels like to be in that world in which, to a large majority of listeners, their words and thoughts as a composer “belong” to the artist who sings the song. A perfect example is “Broken Heart Mom ” by Miranda Lambert No. 1 individual , who co – wrote with Brandy Clark Musgraves songwriter Shane McAnally ACM year .

How many people do you hear that song title and say, ” Oh, yeah that song Kacey Musgraves co – wrote that Miranda Lambert made a great success!?” Not many. And Lambert can identify, too. She herself is a brilliant composer probably sitting on piles of great songs that no one will ever write.

Truth be told, a little anonymity in the world of music is just what you want many composers. Some are completely content to quietly fulfill their creative needs in studios and newsrooms Music Row without any pomp or circumstance. And there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

But the Key West Songwriters Festival will not allow anonymity for both creative types. It’s where writers, a shower of love are celebrated and provided with the best margaritas and pina coladas. There will be hiding in the palm trees.

Other notable performances during the festival include Natalie Hemby May (“White Liar” Lambert ), Gary Chapman , Kristen Kelly, Shawn Camp ( Garth Brooks “Two Piña Coladas ” ) , Wendell Mobley ( Rascal Flatts ‘ “Fast Cars and Freedom” ) , Jessi Alexander (Lee Brice ” I Drive your truck ” ) and many more incredible successes creators .


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