Bobby Bones – Stalker? Fan? PR Junkie Trying To Ride Kacey’s Coattails?

Bobby Bones, iHeartRadio personality, hosts the Country iHeartRadio Festival in Austin, Texas March 29, 2014.


When DJ Bobby Bones held Gerry House on WSIX Nashville-based Clear Channel, a radio station that is syndicated over 50 radio markets across the country, the idea was that the bones would become the new face of country music DJs as they go. Now, as DJs contrived public battle with Kacey Musgraves amplified, many expect the original thought was wrong.

It all started last November, when Bones Kacey interviewed before the 2013 CMA Awards. The interview was less than 2 minutes long, but a segment of 20 seconds played over and over in his program called “Kacey Musgraves Is Annoying?” Those 20 seconds made it sound like an idiot who was not quite good at almost nothing. Bones tweets that followed. He pursued Kacey on Twitter and then wondered why he would not respond. When he finally commented, she said,

“If you play our original interview in its entirety and tell people how unfairly reedited think I could talk to you.”

Rather than make it stop, only amplified response their harassment. His mood swings were extreme as he went from almost apologetic – . “I’m a fan I have had 2 miserable experiences with you two shitheads we are known we should be friends in time.”. So high and mighty with DJ, “No honor in ‘ think about talking to you.’ Im like a peasant. You are nothing better than a human being than anyone else.”

Musgraves , stop being a lady answered him , saying, ” I usually do not participate in this sort of thing , but since it has gotten outta hand : The original interview that the audio was taken from unfairly edited , and played in the air can be found via the link on this page ( see below see for yourself for the record: ..

I’m a composer and a musician that’s what I’ve been passionate about all my life and it is really sad that the approach was taken away from that… Especially –

I am human not a robot especially at 8 PM with no egos and that does not make me a When you hear the music that means a lot to me. . . “Shithead. “To do, that’s all that should matter. ”

Not at all!

The next shock came in the form of an apology video Bones. He said he was really sorry and that they should be friends. He then launched a cancer event was involved in the call Joy, asking it was carried out, saying. “It would mean a lot to me if you came and played Joy week that has to do with the choice of joy on Cancer Fight”

Kacey understandably did not jump at the chance to rearrange your schedule at the last minute to appear with him anywhere. Not one to give up, Bones devotes one day to her in her show last week.

Before entering a list of style Letterman Top 10 reasons why you did not call that was not even remotely funny, entered into a monologue involving Clear Channel he was fining $ 50 every time you mention your name in the air.

Here’s Bobby Bones one Musgraves stalker? Are you a rabid fan who just happens to be on the radio? Bones Or is it just a guy who is trying to grab some attention for himself by stepping in your workplace for it?

Feuds only work if you have two sides and Kacey Musgraves is not involved, so this creation is not really working for him. Hard work and talent are those who get to the top – taking shortcuts and trying to ride someone else’s coattails do not.

If the bullying to an artist is the new “way” of country radio, maybe the old way was much, much better!


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