Kacey Musgraves Is Country’s Smartest, Most Down-To-Earth Songwriter

From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, music has been on a spree statement, but Musgraves’ genius composition lies in its refusal to inflate egos of their audience

kacey musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’. We all have dirty clothes hanging on the line ‘

Kacey Musgraves may have a reputation for being the creator of sassiest successes in Nashville, but she is much more than an ironic provocative, and his latest single shows that, once again. Musgraves announced last week that his new single would Biscuits, a little joyful song about ignoring nosy neighbors who has been playing live for about a year. It is played with all his strength to write songs, and format country has every reason to be excited about your arrival.

Cookies maintains a view that Musgraves has quickly established himself as his own lyric: be yourself and do what you want. “The smoke of their own smoke, and grow their own margaritas” which instructs the choir. “Mind your own cookies, and life will be gravy.” It is a very cheeky line in a singalong chorus that is as rich and enjoyable as the staple breakfast butter for appointing.

Musgraves has never been a powerhouse radio – it makes even more impressive certified gold debut, Same Trailer Different Park. But if cookies are not connected to country radio, then a women’s issue of gender can be irreparable.

The bouncy song encapsulates the writing style Musgraves, along with his friends and fellow writers Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally has improved so expertly. Musgraves uses simple language, tactile images and a generous dose of humor to paint portraits nuanced about what it really means to blaze their own path despite the judgment of others. In Follow Your Arrow told listeners to On the Song Trailer, sang “Make a lot of noise / Kiss lot of guys / or kiss a lot of girls if that’s something you’re into.” “Keep your two cents in his side of the fence / girl, not friends, we’re just neighbors / nothing to see here / back to his trailer.”

The idea that there is “nothing to see here” runs through much of the Musgraves music ‘, and in a generation obsessed enough with himself to make culturally acceptable post Self-timer, which seems quite revolutionary. Pop music has been on a spree statement during the last decade. “You are beautiful in every way,” said Christina Aguilera. “Baby, you’re a firework,” said Katy Perry. “Just love yourself and you’re done,” said Lady Gaga. But Musgraves has a way of making people feel special not saying that they are special, but reminding them that no one really is.

The opening line of the track yet unpublished Cup Musgraves’ Tea says, “Maybe your jacket is a hand-me-down.” For a minor composer, that line would be followed by something like “But I know I have to mink one day.” By Musgraves, however, the hand-me-down works well. After all – “You cannot be everyone’s cup of tea.”

The magic of writing songs Musgraves’ is that it is sold escapism. As she says in Biscuits: Lyrics cynical as it may seem at first glance, but as the grounded words compassion too, is not “all have dirty clothes hanging on the line.”? Common failure point in humanity, and in doing so emphasize the freedom that comes from realizing that no one to live a perfect life. For every anxious soul which is a liberating message, and makes Musgraves something of a guess for the digital age. In many of his songs she heralds just do what you want, nothing more and nothing less. And she is taking deliberate steps to make the message a real issue in their writing.

When people write about Musgraves, tend to say that it is a country artist gays or marijuana smokers or liberal might actually, but that line of thinking limits the scope of its appeal. (Not to mention the scope of the interests of those people.) In truth, the message Musgraves’ follow your arrow is applicable to a much wider swath of the world, including anyone who disagrees with it. That after his arrow, too.

Feel free to love cookies or feel free to hate – but do not go telling friends they have to feel the same way.


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